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Monitor the Lab - From Anywhere

The Dashboard gives you an overview of the lab’s activity. Use the at-a-glance table to see where samples are in your workflow and just below that see all the recent activity in your lab.



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Make LabBoard Work for You

Use LabBoard’s customizable features to enable the right fit for your lab. Select the right workflow for your analysis, synthesis or multi service lab applying the right workflow to each service type.



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Insight into Your Lab

LabBoard's graphical reports let you analyze laboratory productivity data and identify critical areas intuitively. Analytics allows you to drill down on just about every part of your workflow.


How to use LabBoard



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Clients and staff can submit samples online.


Results Delivery

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Results automatically distributed to your clients.

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Billing Integration

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Simple invoice export, improving lab efficiency.

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Build your own sample submission forms.


Sample Batching

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Optimize your throughput using sample batching.


Staff Management

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Use role based security to allow different levels of access.



Hosted Solution

Check your lab on the go.
Access your LabBoard anywhere, anytime. No need to worry about any hardware or software - we take care of everything. We use Amazon Web Services to give you secure and reliable access to all of your information all the time.

Role Based Security

Maintain effective user controls based on Manager, Staff or Client role. Designate access and handling permissions, including final results posting approvals.

Cost Savings

Plan your budget with ease with LabBoard's simple monthly pricing plans. Realize significant cost savings over traditional LIMS packages and avoid the hassle of having to maintain servers and software installations.

Chain of Custody

All samples have a history of in-lab ownership and comments can be added to document any additional information required.


Historical Data

As you use LabBoard, it builds a history for all of your samples, batches, results, clients and staff. All of this is browsable and searchable so you can easily find the information you're looking for. You can also export all of this information to your own computer.

Automatic Records

Records are generated automatically once service requests are submitted, processed and results added. A database of Clients is automatically kept through signup process and Lab activity overviews are always available through LabBoard Analytics.

Choose Your Plan

Select the rate plan that works for your lab. Monthly plans are available according to storage requirements and number of staff and services.
One Month Commitment only - you can export all stored data if you choose to unsubscribe.

Time Savings

Using LabBoard’s built in billing integration, save time during monthly invoicing activities. Either Excel or XML export allows simple integration with your existing billing software.


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