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Creating a Service

To create a new service, you must be logged into LabBoard as a Manager. Click on the Services tab on the far right side of the application. Now click the Add New Service button on the right side of your screen.

Service Description

Service Details

LabBoard will prompt you to enter a name for your new Service as well as a description of your service. You may use as much or as little detail here to help your clients understand what the service entails. You may wish to add sample preparation details or refer your customers back to your website for further details regarding this type of sample submission.

An example of a service description is:

DNA Sequencing services are performed on an ABI 3130xl 16-capillary genetic analyzer. Services are offered for academic and private sector customers. Turnaround time is typically available in one to two business days.

Samples are typically run on a 50 cm capillary yielding 800 to 900 bp.

Sequencing can be completed from single or double stranded DNA from plasmids, PCR products, BAC, PAC and cosmid templates as well as sequencing of bisulfite converted methylated DNA utilizing the ABI BigDye v3.1 Terminator chemistry.

Before moving to the next step, be sure to select whether this service type is an Analysis or a Synthesis type of service. This will help you later when selecting one of LabBoard’s workflows for your service.

An analysis service type will have one of the following workflows:

Analysis Workflow 1 Analysis Workflow 2 Analysis Workflow 3

Where as a synthesis service type will have one of the following workflows that include shipping:

Synthesis Workflow 1 Synthesis Workflow 2 Synthesis Workflow 3

Once a service type of analysis or synthesis has been chosen, click the Continue to Next Step button.

Now LabBoard will ask you to create a service submission form.

Building a sample submission form

Services Sample Form

Most labs will already have a sample submission form for each service they offer which collects the required information about the samples their lab processes. The next step in creating a service is to build your sample submission form. When you create a sample submission form, you will have the option to start from a blank submission form, from a basic template or from one of two DNA type templates. If you choose to use a template, you will be able to edit the template form, it simply provides you with a starting point that others in your field have found helpful. If none of the templates look right for your lab, you can start from a blank form.

You should start every sample submission form with a sample table. This way, your customer can name their sample and all of the sample details will be associated with both the LabBoard ID and the clients sample name/ID. In the sample table, you may wish to ask for information such as the sample concentration, sample volume, sample pretreatment, template or primer type in DNA etc.

Once you’ve created your sample table, you can add different question types. You have the option to add:

  • Single line text
  • Paragraph text
  • Number
  • Measurement
  • Checkboxes
  • Multiple Choice
  • Dropdown

For example, you may wish to add “Paragraph Text” in order to request additional comments from your customer or your may create a checkbox question if your lab synthesizes compounds with the option of crude or purified. Most labs only use the sample table along with one or two paragraph or single line text boxes.

Whatever questions you ask, these details will be collected by LabBoard and will be available to you within the sample details once a sample is submitted.

If you do not like the order in which the sample questions are listed, you can drag and drop each question into the desired position. Just hover your mouse over the question you would like to move. You can then drag it to the correct place. You can also edit or delete a question by hovering over that question with your mouse.

When you have completed your sample submission form, click Continue to Next Step.

Creating a Receipt

Services Receipt

The third stage in preparing a new service involves creating a receipt, which explains to your customer what they should do next, such as billing and shipping instructions. The receipt will be sent to your clients upon submission of a sample. Information you may wish to include in your receipt may be sample pretreatment information, sample handling and shipping details.

If your finance department requires signatures from account holders in order to bill internally, you may also wish to include these instructions in the receipt. Ask your client to print the receipt, and sign on a line you create in the receipt editor. For Example, you may wish to add the following lines:

Authorized signing authority name: ____________________________
Authorized signing authority signature: _____________________________

If you are using the LabBoard billing functionality, the receipt will automatically tell your clients their quoted cost per sample, the total and the billing information such as account codes or PO number they enter while submitting their samples.

To format your lab’s ‘receipt’ to look it’s best, we use a Wiki format which allows rich text editing.

In the editor you can use several text formatting options for changing fonts, text size, justification, and color. There are also options for lists, links, and adding images to your wiki.

Text Formatting:

*bold*→ bold

~italics~ → italics

* item 1 → • item 1
* item 2 → • item 2

# item 1 → 1. item 1
# item 2 → 2. item 2

* Bulleted List 1
** Bulleted List 2 (indented)
*** Bulleted List 3 (indented x2)

# Numbered List 1
## Numbered List 1.1 (indented)
### Numbered List 1.1.1 (indented x2)
# Numbered List 2
## Numbered List 2.1 (indented)

---- → ________________

[] →

Some example content for a receipt is:

Payment Information

Please complete the following information for payment. Forms filled out incorrectly will result in delayed sample processing.

Authorized signing authority name: _____________________________
Authorized signing authority signature: _____________________________

Next Steps

Print out a hardcopy of the page by clicking 'Print'. Ship your samples and this printed page to the address below. If you are paying by cheque please include the cheque at time of shipment. Funds will not be deposited until completion of work. Samples received without proper authorization will not be processed. Additional Instructions If you need to ship your samples to us, please follow the guidelines available at our website.

Within the receipt template, you will also enter the shipping address for your lab to enable delivery of the samples to you.

As well, there is an area in the receipt template that will show up highlighted in blue on the receipt for Shipping Instructions. An example for shipping instructions is:

Shipping Instructions:

All samples shipped to the Lab should be packed at -20 degrees C using dry ice and ice packs.

If you are an onsite University client, feel free to drop off your samples in person at our office during business hours, along with a print-out of your online submission order summary. Our normal lab hours of operation are 8:30am - 5:00pm (Monday - Friday).

Choosing a Workflow

Services Workflow

The final step in creating a service is to choose a workflow that fits your lab. There are currently workflows for both sample analysis services and sample synthesis services. Make sure you choose the correct service type when you create your service in step 1, otherwise the correct workflows will not be available to the service. For analysis labs, you can choose from a simple workflow, with no sample results posting, a workflow with results posting and a workflow with results posting and results review.

Synthesis service workflows include ‘shipping’ at the end of their service workflow. This may be considered for actual shipping to customers or simply to acknowledge that the samples have been prepared for customer pickup. Synthesis labs may also choose a workflow that allows for either sample results posting or results posting and review.

If none of these workflows work for your lab, please contact LabBoard support at



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