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What are Samples

In LabBoard, samples represent the service requests from your clients. If you are a sample analysis laboratory, clients submit the name, type, concentration, etc. of the sample they would like analyzed. If you are a synthesis lab, a sample may be a request for synthesis, where the sample submission information contains the peptide or DNA sequence requested and other relevant information.

Submitting Samples

Submitting samples is easy. Your clients can submit samples to you by logging into their LabBoard account. You can also submit samples on behalf of your clients. Just click the Submit Samples button on the upper right side of the LabBoard workspace and follow the steps. Search for the name of the client you wish to submit the sample for, choose the service and enter the required sample information. Your client will receive the samples submitted email with instructions for next steps.

Receiving Samples

Analysis samples submitted to your lab will appear on the LabBoard tab Recent Activity list. Once samples are physically delivered to your lab you must ‘receive’ them into the LabBoard system.

  1. To receive samples, click the Receive Samples link at the top of the LabBoard Tab window.
  2. Select the check boxes for all of the samples you wish to receive.
  3. Click Receive Samples
  4. If samples arrive at your lab that are unsuitable for analysis, you can reject these samples by clicking the Reject Samples button. You will have to provide a reason for rejection in the pop-up window. This message will be visible to your client in their LabBoard account.

Processing Samples

Once samples have been received, they will be identified as in Processing. Your clients will not see any details of where the sample is in your workflow (received, batch, results review) but only that the sample is in processing.

Cancelling a Sample

When a sample has been Received and is in the LabBoard system, it may be cancelled. To cancel a sample:

  1. Click on the sample ID to view the sample detail.
  2. On the sample detail screen, click the Cancel link on the top right of the details window.
  3. A pop-up window will appear, where you must enter a reason for cancelling the sample.
  4. The sample will move to the Cancelled list of samples under the Samples tab.

Recovering a Cancelled Sample

Navigate to the Samples tab.

  1. Select the Cancelled tab in the grey panel on the right side of the application.
  2. Locate the cancelled sample (you can use the search function to locate the specific sample if you have trouble locating it.)
  3. Select the sample you wish to restore by clicking the Sample ID.
  4. In the top right corner of the Sample window, click the Uncancel link.
  5. This sample record has now been restored to your Current Samples list.

Adding Results to a Sample

In analysis labs, you will likely wish to associate a results file or results link with each sample. To each sample, you can upload as many results files or add HTML links and/or FTP links to a sample. Adding links is useful for clients who utilize onsite data storage facilities to hold large sample data files and simply provide their clients with access to that file using an HTML link or FTP link to the onsite server.

To attach files to samples:

  1. Select a batch from the list of batches in the Batches tab.
  2. To post results to all or some of the samples in this batch, click the Post Results button in the middle of the page.
    1. To add HTML or FTP results, simply type the HTML or FTP address into the box found under the desired sample then click Add. (The link must include http:// or ftp:// for example:
    2. To upload a file, click the Upload File button below the sample. Select the associated file from the popup window and click Open or OK. The file will automatically be uploaded to the sample. You can also upload files using the Batch Upload Files button, uploading several files at one time. Files named using the sample name will automatically associate to the sample of the same name. Files not automatically associated can be dragged to their correct sample.
  3. Now select the check boxes beside the samples you have attached a results file or HTML link to, in order to post the results for review or to your client (depending whether you have results approval turned on.)

Reviewing Sample Results

If your lab has both junior and senior staff and you would like sample results reviewed before they are released to the client, just turn on the Review Results feature. This requires a Manager to review all posted results prior to releasing them to the client (even if the results are originally posted by a Manager).

To turn Review Results on or off, click the Services tab and select the service type you would like to change. Click Workflow on the right side of the application and then click the Edit link at the top of the Service Workflow window. To add or remove Review Results click the checkbox to add or remove an arrow. Click the save button at the bottom of the window to save your changes.

Searching for Samples

Looking for a particular sample? You can search by sample name, sample ID or client name, to find the particular sample and where it is in the workflow. Simply click on the sample number and open up the sample detail. Within the sample detail screen, you will find the status of the sample as well as any staff comments posted about this sample.



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