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First Steps

Signing Up

You will need to enter your first and last name, your company’s name and an email address. When you sign up to create a new LabBoard for your Lab, you will also need to choose a unique address for your LabBoard. This creates the unique instance of LabBoard for your lab in the form of Finally, you will be asked to create a unique user name and choose a password. Although LabBoard does not require you to use any special characters, we recommend you create a strong password following the generally accepted rules of:

  • It should contain at least eight characters.
  • It should contain a mix of four different types of characters (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numerals and punctuation symbols).
  • It should not be a name, a slang word, or any word in the dictionary.

Logging In

To login, click Login above and enter your username and password. If you have forgotten your password, just click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a link to reset your password.

System Requirements

All you need is a web browser. LabBoard is a fully web-based and hosted solution so you don’t have to download or install anything. You can use LabBoard on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer as long as you are using one of our supported browsers and have an Internet connection.

We recommend :

You must also have cookies and JavaScript enabled on your browser

Adding Staff & Client Accounts

Visit Accounts in the LabBoard Support Centre to find out how to add new Manager, Staff and Client accounts for your lab.

Adding Services to your LabBoard

Visit Services in the LabBoard Support Centre to find out how to add services to your LabBoard, allowing your lab to accept online sample submissions from your clients.



The LabBoard Dashboard is the jumping off point for the application for both lab Staff and Clients. Within the Staff side of the application, the LabBoard tab provides a high level view of the items requiring attention, recent activity in the lab and any important news we might have for you. Your Clients also enjoy the Dashboard feature with their LabBoard tab, getting a list of recent activity in their account and any updates on their pending samples.

While you are on the LabBoard tab, you can also control the kinds of notifications you receive regarding activity in your LabBoard account. You can turn on or turn off Daily Digest Email notifications and subscribe to RSS feeds. You will also see a news feed on the right hand side panel. This feed will provide you with important information regarding the application, scheduled down time, new releases and other user updates.

Submitting & Tracking Samples in your LabBoard

Visit Samples in the LabBoard Support Centre to find out how to submit samples to your LabBoard.
Visit Batches in the LabBoard Support Centre to see how to create batches and track samples.

Your Clients and LabBoard

Visit Client Users in the LabBoard Support Centre to find out how your clients will interact with LabBoard.

To provide access to your LabBoard for your lab's clients, simply post your LabBoard link, in the form of, to your lab's website.

Daily Digest Email Notifications

All LabBoard Staff and Manager accounts can subscribe to Daily Digest Emails and Client accounts are automatically subscribed. These emails will be sent to the account holder's email account each morning, listing any activity taking place the previous day. Daily Digest Emails are only sent if activity has occurred in the account within the previous 24 hours.

Feedback Tab

The feedback tab on the left side of the LabBoard application is a tool to report any defects or problems with the application. When you click the feedback tab, your message will immediately be sent to the LabBoard support staff.



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