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What is a Batch

A batch is a group of samples within one service type that will be processed at the same time. Batching samples makes pushing large groups of samples through your workflow much more efficient.

Creating a Batch

To create a batch, click on a sample that has been received by your lab. You can select as many samples of the same type as you would like and click the button "Create a Batch". Select samples by using the check box beside each sample you would like to include in a batch.

Cancelling a Batch

You can cancel a batch by clicking on a batch ID number and then clicking cancel in the upper right corner of the batch window. Samples from a cancelled batch are sent back to their previous state.

A batch that has been cancelled cannot be recovered; however you can simply re-create that batch. When you cancel a batch, the samples within that batch simply return to the received state.

Navigate to the Batches tab.

  1. Select the Trash tab in the grey panel on the right side of the application.
  2. Locate the cancelled batch in the trash (you can use the search function to locate the specific sample if you have trouble locating it.)
  3. Select the cancelled batch by clicking the batch ID.
  4. If you wish to re-create this same batch, simply note the sample numbers previously contained in the batch and create a new batch containing the same samples.


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