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Analytics provides valuable information about your lab’s activity. Metrics such as sample load, service turnaround times and sample throughput can be viewed from the Analytics tab.


The Analytics gallery gives you an overview of your lab's recent activity. The gallery view allows filtering the data by 7, 14, or 30 Days. From the gallery you can see your lab's recent Sample Load, Service Turnaround Times, Sample Throughput and Client Activity.

Analytics Tools

  • Sample Load
    Analytics Sample Load

    This report shows you how many samples were in progress within your lab for each day of the selected time frame.

  • Service Turnaround
    Analytics Service Turnaround

    Here you can see the average time it takes for a sample in each service to be completed within your lab. This report will also reveal trends in your service turnaround over time.

  • Sample Throughput
    Analytics Throughput

    Use this report to view the number of samples that your lab processes. This report can display all services or can break down the throughput by service type so you can see which services have the highest throughput.

    The Service Throughput report can be viewd over time (bar graph) or as a total (pie chart). To change the view, click on the Total link or the Over Time link in the top corner of the report.

  • Client Activity
    Analytics Client Activity

    Client activity reports of the number of samples submitted by individual clients. This report is useful for discovering who your biggest customers are.

  • New Client Registrations
    Analytics Client Registration

    This report displays the number of client registrations that have occured over time. If you are promoting your lab via a marketing campaign this is one way of measuring the success of your campaign.

Exporting Data

All reports from Analytics can be exported to csv (Common Separate Values) or printed. The csv file is compatible with all versions of Excel. To export a report click on the csv link in the top right corner of the report. Then select the location where you want the csv file to be saved.



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