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Find out a little more about LabBoard before you get started.

Getting Started

Learn how to begin using LabBoard to automate your lab's service delivery.


Learn how you can manage and create staff and manager accounts for your employees and how accounts are created and managed for your clients.


Find out how to create services so your lab can accept sample submissions with LabBoard.


See how LabBoard manages your sample information through your process.


Find out about LabBoard batches.


Get help with how to get the most out of the analytics available within LabBoard.


Find out more about the LabBoard Billing Workspace.

Client Users

Learn how your clients view and interact with LabBoard online.

Your Account

Get help with how to manage your LabBoard account and subscription.

We are always here to help. If you can't find your answer in one of the sections above or just want help from one of our support representatives, email us.

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