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Posted on January 07, 2011 in Product Updates

Now that you’ve had the chance to setup all of the basics of the LabBoard Billing application you probably want to know how to actually generate some invoices. Your day-to-day usage will allow you to monitor the outstanding (or un-invoiced) revenue your lab has generated. Additionally, a running tally of your year-to-date (YTD) revenue is calculated on the LabBoard tab. Just as in the Samples application, the LabBoard tab also provides you with billing specific recent activity.

Recent activity provides helpful updates about your users’ activity, such as choosing a rate plan (allowing you to modify their choice in case it was chosen incorrectly).

You can choose how often to perform your billing activities. Most labs do this monthly but LabBoard will let you invoice all of your completed samples whenever you wish. When you are ready to perform your billing / invoicing activity, click on the Invoices tab. You’ll notice that samples have been grouped into invoices or orders – allowing you to move through your billing processes faster.

Inside the Invoices tab, you can do several things. You can trigger the generation of the CSV or XML spreadsheet that exports all of the recent sample activity. However, if you need to make a price adjustment to a particular sample, change a billing address or confirm the client account information, click the invoice number within which that sample exists.

Within an invoice, you will see the details of the samples included in that order as well as the billing and payment information. Clicking on the edit link in the top right corner of the invoice will enable you to update the billing address, change payment information and adjust prices.

You can change the price a client is billed for a particular sample using a positive or negative value to increase or decrease the listed price of the service. For example, entering a -25 into the Adjustment (%) box will reduce the listed price by 25%.

In this screen you can also make changes to the billing address or corrections to the payment method information if your client has made an error.

Once you have completed all of the updates and changes, simply click save and the changes will be applied. At this point you will see your price adjustments take effect and the total will decrease or increase based on the adjustments.

Once you have made changes to all of the invoices as required, you can click the generate invoices link in the Invoices tab. This will take you to a screen where you can select which invoices (orders) you wish to export, allowing you to have control over which samples are billed at what time.

Once you’ve checked off the invoices you wish to generate, click the generate button and you will be prompted to select the file type you wish to create.

Most labs will select Excel, which can be easily manipulated into the specified format required for their financial system. Once the file type is selected, the file will automatically download to your computer’s downloads folder. From this point, you can manually manipulate your data or create an Excel macro that will allow a one click automatic reformatting of the LabBoard generated worksheet into the required format.

Lab Analytics

Finally, for general information on your lab’s billing activities, visit the Analytics tab.

You’ll get an overview of the financial activity from the gallery view but as with the Samples application, you can dig in deeper using the tabs on the left to see more details about revenue, outstanding balances, adjustments made to charges and revenue based on individual clients.

We hope you enjoy the new LabBoard Billing functionality and please let us know if you have any questions and, as always, we love to hear your suggestions.

The LabBoard Team

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