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Tired of manually billing for lab services? LabBoard Billing Integration is here!


Posted on January 03, 2011 in Product Updates

Back when we first started building LabBoard, we consciously made the decision not to include a billing and invoicing application inside the product. We knew eventually we would have to add one or integrate with something else out there on the web but the top priority was to get the sample management functionality up and running and to get our un-LIMS in some test labs.

Well, we did that and what we heard back from you was a wish that we could help you with one of the biggest, most boring time sinks of the Core Facility workflow. Billing.

We found many core facilities already have a financial/invoicing system in place (eg. PeopleSoft), so we decided to focus on billing integration.

First, let me tell you that doing a complete billing application for labs based in Universities with the various financial environments is pretty challenging. Not all universities use the same finance software and none use the same configuration - so fully integrating with these is not straightforward.

What we’ve done is tried to remove the manual data entry that is time consuming and error prone without directly integrating with your institution’s financial software. We simply allow you to export your billing / invoice information into an XML or Excel file – which can then be reformatted to your University or corporate financial software’s import format. We can assist in the automation of this reformatting. It’s quite simple and we are happy to help.

Through our new Billing application, you will now be able to assign prices to your services as well as create various ‘Rate Plans’. Rate plans are different price rates for different types of customers who use your lab’s services. For example, if you provide your services to both academics and corporations, you can create an Academic and Corporate Rate Plan and then associate a different price for each plan for specific services.

Over the next few days, we will be posting additional information to show you how to set up your LabBoard Billing and then how to use it, once you’ve started collecting billing information.

Keep in mind, any samples that were submitted prior to you setting up Billing will not be integrated into the Billing application and you’ll have to do your manual billing for these ones.

We hope you take some time to play around with the new functionality and look forward to hearing your feedback.

The LabBoard Team.

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